Reduction in unit price on March 6 th 2018

SEB ImmoInvest’s unit value will decline from EUR 8.67 to EUR 8.48 on the publication date March 6th 2018, resulting in a EUR 0.19 price drop.

This is primarily due to the revaluation of the Italian properties Rome, Via Laurentina 449 and Tavagnacco (Udine), Via Nazionale 127.

The property Rome comprising of four office buildings, two adjoining buildings and parking places. The main tenant of four buildings terminated the lease as end of 2018. Additionally the general market conditions have a negative impact on the letting efforts.

The appraiser therefore reduced the market value by deducting reletting costs as well as increasing the capitalization rate to reflect the ongoing risk.

The shopping center in Tavagnacco constructed in 1993 comprises of a supermarket and a smaller shopping mall. The current lease contract has a medium term duration left, and additionally competition in the surrounding increased during the last years due to development of newer and bigger shopping areas.

To reflect the existing risk the appraiser reduced the market value by reducing the remaining useful lifespan costs as well as increasing the capitalization rate.