Santander Vermögensverwaltungs­fonds Kapitalprotekt P


Santander Vermögensverwaltungsfonds Kapitalprotekt P was liquidated on 9 February 2018. Liquidation proceeds per unit amounted to EUR 83,09. Santander Vermögensverwaltungsfonds Kapitalprotekt P has been in liquidation since 5 December 2013, the date on which the managing company, Savills Fund Management GmbH, gave notice to terminate its management mandate. After expiration of the notice period on 30 June 2017, ownership of the Fund’s assets, which are held in trust for investors, has been transferred by law to the depository CACEIS Bank S.A., Germany Branch.


Key Facts

Fund currency EUR
Launch date 01 Feb 2008
Fiscal year 01 Jan – 31 Dec
Minimum investment Once EUR 10,000.00